New Year, New Look

Fingers crossed for a better time.

Wow! What a ride this year’s been. Making amazing progress on a new nonprofit, serving the homeless community of north Fulton County. Bubblegum-Man volume 1 is officially a wrap. Volume 1 goes on sale later this year in both paperback and ebook form, so stay tuned. Finished my book finally. The Tang of Fate has not yet been picked up by an agent, but I haven’t given up yet. Will start another round of submissions some time in February, probably focusing on small presses.

Long time fans will remember my old comic featuring God, the saints, and the angels. You’ll be treated to that with every edition of this newsletter, which will be every two weeks or so. Fun, right?

In the meantime, I’ve been working on writing one short story every week for a year. I’m up to about 5 stories in the bag, and they’re not that bad. May even sell a couple. We’ll see.

Before I go, here’s your biweekly reminder to view, like, and share my blog posts and Youtube videos. You can also tweet me @MrWBrust. I’m also on Instagram, where I share photos of my LEGO and action figures.

Later, team.