Talking Up Writing

How to sell things without being a salesman.

Sales. Ew. Business and finance are two areas of life I have very little success and/or understanding about. I get the basics, but how do you market? How do you get a customer to give a crap about what you write? No idea. I just make good stuff and hope for the best. It’s not a great strategy, and I don’t recommend it.

I don’t always ask you guys to do anything about this, and that’s my fault. Every post should end with a request that you folks like and share my work in the hopes of gathering new subscribers. Alas! I’ve neglected that aspect of the newsletter. I need to figure that part out. I know there’s a way to make it automatic, but Substack is being difficult.

Anyway, I currently have 3 projects in the pipeline:

The Tang of Fate, a fantasy novel that is complete at 77,000 words and about 300 pages, is a YA romp filled with action and adventure, featuring a farmgirl on a quest for revenge against the sorcerer responsible for turning her family into walking skeletons. Terrwyn Cornraker must venture forth into a world of shapeshifters, hidden cities, and ancient orders of warriors and wizards. Her quest may result in the awakening of an ancient evil, and only her strength can stand against it.

Bubblegum-Man is a comic book geared toward younger teen readers, featuring Atlanta’s stickiest superhero. Chris Xavier, transformed by science into living candy after seeking a cure to his diabetes, must keep his flavor levels up as he protects Atlanta from all sorts of strange and bizarre threats: From giant Nazi officers to flying saucers and space vampires. Clones, mutants, and death rays feature prominently. Thankfully, he won’t be fighting alone. Together with an immortal Spaniard, a mad scientist, and a preteen in power armor, he’ll be tested to the limits of his abilities and beyond.

Finally, A Race of Heaven is a graphic novel adaptation of Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra, presented as a dazzling space opera. See the drama of ancient Rome set among the stars as titanic ships clash and armies swarm about a pair of doomed lovers at the galaxy’s edge.

Tang of Fate is currently being shopped to agents and small presses. I’m developing my marketing plan for this book. I need something a little fancier than Dad and I traveling the country in a van, selling the book one signing at a time. As awesome as that sounds.

Bubblegum-Man is done, but I’m considering hiring an artist to redraw it, make it more professional. After that, it’s off to the local comic shops and direct market for distribution. Oh boy!

A Race of Heaven is still in the beta stage, so if you’d like to read the script, send me an email, and I’ll send it over. Welcoming all feedback!

That’s all the news I have for today. Please remember to like and share with your friends. As my old professor used to say: Come early, come often, bring a friend!